Hand Sanitizer Kiosks


Feature your brands in every Duane Reade location with our interactive one-on-one consumer engaged Hand Sanitizer kiosk billboard program.

Shopping carts, doctor offices, restaurant menus and condiment dispensers are four of the top 8 best places for bacteria – meaning OUT in public can be a germy place. Duane Reade’s hand sanitizer kiosks are here to help.

Now, capture the attention of that Duane Reade shopper with StoreBoard Media’s Hand Sanitizer kiosk billboard. We will feature your brand message in 250 Duane Reade locations where Hand Sanitizer kiosks are strategically placed in their pharmacy area, including 50 locations with two kiosk dispensers – one in the front of the store and one in pharmacy.

Promote time sensitive/seasonal messages or drive last minute purchases with our uncluttered 3-feet high, 2-sided billboards.