Delivering Reach and Recency

Put your brand message where it is actually viewed and can be acted upon.
Storeboard Media™ links a consumer exposed to the message when they are in a position to make a purchase.

Increased Brand Awareness

StoreBoard Media™ | Arbitron Retail Advertising Effectiveness Case Study

•Visually aided message recall among those who noticed Storeboards was over 50%.
•The Storeboard messages increase the brand’s overall advertising awareness.
•StoreBoards had a significant impact on the brands in-store presence.
•The majority of shoppers find Storeboards a useful way to learn about products.
•41% of shoppers who noticed Storeboards could make a connection between the ad and a purchase they’ve made.

Increased Reach — Complements Television Activity

StoreBoard Media™ | Neilsen 2010 re-allocation study

•Nielsen studies have confirmed that no matter how much money a brand spends on television, StoreBoard Media can add new reach points in a efficient and effective manner.
•Using the same budget and reallocating a portion to StoreBoards increases reach among those who use your product.


Increased Sales

•Test stores that contained StoreBoard media program had sales life that averaged 24.4% compared to the control stores.
Allergy — 12.4%
Cough, Cold, & Allergy — 45.4%
Hair Care — 30%
Razors — 47.7%
Men’s HBA — 43.6%
Cough & Cold — 17.6%
Gum & Candy — 12.9 %
Oral Care — 8.59%
Skin Care — 29%