Replacement Study

The StoreBoard estimate was created by Nielsen IMS, the leading provider of information systems.
Nielsen IMS has been building media solutions for a wide array of clients for over 40 years and has 85% of the total US agencies and 23 out of the top 25 agencies.

•Nielsen IMS used industry standard data and metrics
•The estimate was created in CampaignRF ( a multi media RF system) and Telecume that is used by thousands of planners across the US
•Allowing for the evaluation of potential reach and frequency benefits of moving dollars from television to StoreBoard Media

In the fourth quarter of 2008 Coca-Cola spent over $5 Million in National Television.
They can improve their Reach and Frequency significantly by shifting $ 1 million to include a National StoreBoard Media Program in all CVS stores.

Coke Schedule — TV + Storeboards

Total Reach

For the same dollars, greater reach can be achieved against buying and marketing targets


The addition of StoreBoard Media on a national basis can increase…
•Overall reach by eight points against Persons 18+
•More than ten points against specific users or heavy users.
•StoreBoard Media helps improve effective frequency while providing a strong brand message where your products is sold.