New Graphic Guide for Indoor Billboards Released by StoreBoard Media™

NEW YORK, March 18, 2010— StoreBoard Media™, announced today that it has published a new Graphic Guide to help advertisers visually communicate to consumers who are standing or walking in or near a retail store. StoreBoard is America’s largest indoor billboard network and one of Inc. magazine’s fastest-growing private companies in the United States.

StoreBoard created the 10-Step Graphic Guide to help its advertising clients communicate more effectively on StoreBoard’s billboards, each of which are about five feet high and located at the entrance to more than 12,000 drug stores nationwide. The guide was developed by Doug Leeds, StoreBoard’s CEO.

“It is really a guide on how to communicate in the absolute simplest way possible,” Leeds said. “It is much harder to do than it sounds. But, if we can help our advertisers and their graphic designers understand that they are finished designing when they can’t find a single element to remove, then we will all be winners.”

Leeds, who headed Thomson-Leeds Company prior to StoreBoard Media, has been recognized by POPAI (Point of Purchase International) with more awards for designing and producing effective merchandising and communication solutions than any other individual.

A copy of StoreBoard’s 10-Step Graphic Guide is available under the “Specifications” tab at or by calling 212-682 3300, ext. 1887.

About StoreBoard Media

StoreBoard Media, America’s largest in-store billboard network, owns the rights to place its billboards on the security pedestals that are at the entrance to chain stores nationwide, including CVS, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, USA Drug, Kerr Drug and others, generating more than one billion gross impressions every four weeks. StoreBoard™ advertising panels occupy approximately 60 square feet within each store, reaching 100% of shoppers. StoreBoards are a powerful mass medium that is “aisles away, not miles away” from point-of-decision. Positioned as a media buy, StoreBoards does not compete with other in-store media options for merchandising/trade dollars, creating an opportunity for retailers to capitalize on the branding value of their stores.

Mark Braff
Braff Communications LLC