North America’s Leading Retail Media Company

StoreBoard Media LLC, is North America’s leading retail media company, and owner of America’s largest in-store billboard network. Founded in 2005, the Company has the rights to place advertising on security pedestals (some refer to them as shrouds) located at the entrances and exits of more than 27,000 retail stores including Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, Duane Reade, K-Mart, Family Dollar and other leading retailers. Advertisers include leading consumer packaged goods and Fortune 500 companies.

Over Two Billion Monthly Impressions

The Company holds long-term contracts with retailers for the exclusive right to cover their security pedestals, with five foot high, full-color advertising panels that “greet” 100% of shoppers entering and exiting the store. A typical store with three pedestals will have approximately 60 square feet of can’t miss exclusive branding (billboard space) at the entrances. Advertisers purchase StoreBoards in thirteen four-week flights, on a national and regional basis, with category exclusivity in each store purchased. Only one advertiser per cycle per store, creates a multiple –billboard effect for total brand domination. The Company sells, produces, installs and verifies these StoreBoards on a turnkey basis, guaranteeing placement and print quality on behalf of retailers and advertisers, delivering a total monthly audience exceeding two billion impressions.

Over 80% of StoreBoard’s Advertisers Are Repeat Customers

Research and real world experience prove that StoreBoards work. Indeed, over 80% of the Company’s advertisers are repeat customers. According to an Arbitron Advertising Effectiveness Study, more than half of those who noticed pedestal ads recalled the message and brand, and 41% of those made a connection between the ad and a purchase they made. Based on dozens of Matched Panel tests over a number of years, retail stores that contained the StoreBoard Media program had unit movement and sales increases that average 24.4%. A recent Nielsen IMS Replacement Study validated the benefits of shifting dollars from television to StoreBoard Media: a meaningful increase in reach and total impressions for the same budget.

StoreBoards Benefit Advertisers and Retailers

resourceStoreBoards are a value alternative to traditional OOH media… an indoor billboard that’s only “aisles away”, versus an outdoor billboard that’s “miles away”, from the purchase point. StoreBoard Media provides a dual benefit, giving advertisers a cost-effective way to dominate the all-important “front end” of high traffic stores… while giving retailers a way to excite their store environment and gain a new revenue source beyond traditional product sales and vendor co-op dollars. Because StoreBoards are advertising and not promotion, they generate national media dollars for retailers, and do not compete with other in-store promotions for merchandising dollars. Rather, they compete for share of television budgets and OOH budgets (the second fastest growing category of media spending after online advertising).

Building for the Future

StoreBoard Media is currently in discussions with other leading retailers as it looks to expand into new categories like mass, supermarket, discount, home improvement, office supply, and other markets, including international.  It is also actively developing other retail media products.