StoreBoard Media Fast Facts

StoreBoard Media is a twelve-year old company dedicated to advertising placement on security pedestals in major retail stores nationwide.


Our network of retail partners currently consists of approximately 27,000 retail stores nationwide delivering 2.0 billion impressions per cycle.

Ad Position/Size

Five-feet high, two-sided, full-color billboard “greets” 100% of shoppers entering and exiting the store. Can be bought Nationally, Regionally or by DMA.

Exclusivity Per Store

Thirteen four week cycles per year. Only one advertiser per cycle, creating a multiple-billboard effect for total brand domination.


Please call for timing and availability – Charlie Williams – 646-472-1888.

Proven Sales Lift

Proven Sales Lift: Stores that contained the StoreBoard Media program saw the advertised product’s sales increase by an average of 24.4%.

Proven Increase in Brand Awareness

An Arbitron study concluded that more than half of those who noticed pedestal ads recalled the message and 41% of those made a connection between the ad and a purchase they made.

Arbitron noted that in fact, the majority of shoppers who noticed Storeboard could not recall seeing any other advertising for these brands in the past 24 hours – therefore adding StoreBoard to a media mix appears to have a measurable impact on a campaign’s total reach.