Canadian Specifications


Please refer to the diagram as a reference only. A creative template will be sent electronically. Art created is typically replicated on each side.

Folded Finished Sizes
(A) Regular Sleeve – 18.5″ x 54.5 ”
(B) Large Sleeve – 31″ x 56″

Important Notes
Small sleeve is folded once at center and has 1/4″ double score at 27.25″
Large sleeve is folded twice with a double score of 1/4″ at 18.66″ and 37.33″


Adobe Illustrator
InDesign CS4 or earlier
Quark 6.1

Files MUST include all art with supporting images and fonts for both printer and screen.
Please provide images in CMYK format.

The resolution of raster images out of Photoshop should be a minimum of 266 ppi, but not more than 300 ppi at full size. We are printing at 133 Ipi.
Vector art should be created in a drawing program, then saved as an .eps and imported into the page layout file. Illustrator CS4 is the preferred drawing program.

Important Note
Files in any other format may be rejected. These include files prepared in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, and any .gif or.jpg files.


A PDF of graphics must be emailed before preparing for retail approval
A DVD or CD with a colored laser should also be sent to the printer


Please contact for the FTP server information if you have not received it.
Via Email
Please send JPG’s of each version (less than 5MB) to
VIa Disk
We also require a copy of the graphics of a CD, with a laser print, send to:
3149 Capstan Place
Coquitlam, BC V3C 4A2

Important Note
When submitting files please let us know name, address and phone number of contract that will receive & approve printers proof. Also, please ensure:
The client name is included in the file name
All files must be compressed prior to upload, using WinZip or Stuffit.


Storeboard Media Canada
3149 Copstan Place
Coquitlam BC V3C 4A2
(778) 374-3000